Sally + Rob’s Wedding at Kirkland Manor | 5.10.14

Family. Love. Support.

That’s what Sally and Rob’s wedding was about to me. With her children beside them, they became each other’s official best friend and soul mate.

It was Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, which somehow seems appropriate given that Sally has 3 lovely children who shared this day with her. They even walked her down the aisle! Kirkland Manor provided a lovely backdrop for the occasion. And, honestly, I don’t think I can describe their love better than they did themselves- Sally stressing her feelings about Rob’s way with her children, how much that means to her that he shows his love in that and other ways every day. And for Rob, he says Sally’s smile melted his heart, that time stands still when he’s with her.

I’m sure that on this day- their wedding day- time, indeed, did stand still for them both.

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