How I Work

It most always starts with a call or an email. Someone needs a photographer for an event, a project, a portrait, a wedding. To me, this is such an important moment because how this first contact goes, so goes the session. Details and information are collected, dates discussed, and payment, all the aspects of committing to work together. And that’s just it- we work TOGETHER.

I’m a firm believer in clear communication and expectations as well as professional, experienced advice and direction. All of this gets my creative juices flowing and fosters an atmosphere where the entire experience, from start to finish, is a pleasure.


Depending on the type of work required, realistic timelines may be set, or projects envisioned and brought to life. My relationship with my client may include brainstorming and a kind of give and take that makes the PROCESS almost as important as its outcome.


So, get in touch. Let’s talk. Let’s dream. And let’s make some magic happen.

Meet Melissa

I love to take pictures. I almost left this to just those few words. Isn’t that the most important thing? Isn’t it a blessing to love what you do? I’ve been a photographer most of my life. Started young, right out of college, when I assisted a commercial photographer who specialized in gorgeous, high-end shoots for national clients. He loved being able to control the set, the light, the smallest details. He wasn’t so passionate about working with people. After all, people are messy and not always dependable. He could make a chainsaw the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. And that’s a good thing. But for me, I loved working with people and all their unpredictability and issues. I loved NOT being able to control everything, to make quick decisions. To create a photo when it was a challenge. And keep an element of surprise that sometimes makes the difference between a good photograph and a great one.

So that’s how I got to my passion- photography that speaks to me. Whether it’s a commercial shoot for a bank, a wedding or family portrait, even a cookbook, I always try to bring not only my experience, which is broad, but also a commitment to approach any job with a true and honest heart and a desire to deliver above and beyond my client’s dreams.

Meeting my own standards is tough enough. My goal is to reach and exceed yours.


About Raleigh

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Client Testimonial

“Oh Melissa! It sure is going to be hard to choose! There are so many good ones of Jessica and John! You captured the love emanating from their eyes. You must really love your job- you get to capture these wonderful moments in time for couples to see forever. I can’t wait to show other people.”


- Ann -

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