Chesapeake College’s marketing campaign was developed to increase awareness and enrollment in their degree, career, and enrichment programs. Coordinated to debut as part of the college’s 50th anniversary, the multi-year initiative focused on featuring students who represent various aspects of the college’s overall mission: providing Eastern Shore residents with a high-quality, affordable educational experience.


I was asked to photograph students of all ages, backgrounds, and fields of study within their related study environments. Along with the tagline “Your Time. Your Place.”, each portrait was designed for maximum impact. Photography included tight headshots as well as environmental portraits. Ads were used in various Eastern Shore publications, as large posters throughout campus and as light pole banners and billboards.




Cross Keys is a privately-owned upscale residential and commercial area located in Baltimore, MD. It was the first in a series of planned communities developed by James Rouse of The Rouse Company and set the tone, style and direction to many other such developments around the US since the 1960s. The retail component features 30 shops, everything from national chains to local ateliers. I was asked to photograph the shop owners and/or their stores for a printed small magazine that would be target-mailed to areas within the city. Each photograph illustrates not only the store’s specialties but also its “flavor”.




Water moves us

The marketing campaign surrounding Dorchester County, MD’s “Water Moves Us” brand captures resident pride, embraces visitor appreciation and reinforces the important position the landscape plays in people’s lives and the county’s livelihood. I was given the assignment to photograph residents and business people who would illustrate the lifestyle as well as Dorchester’s key industries.

Environmental portraits were shot and used in various publications, on the county Economic Development and Tourism website and on billboards.






The Scout Guide is a nationally-recognized high-end advertising magazine that targets specific city markets, and aims to drive customers to advertiser’s businesses. It is placed in elegant hotels and eateries and distributed within advertiser’s shops. Each ad features professional photography and a highly-styled page design. Books are created for a one year shelf life. I photographed 2 books for Scout. Each ad was meant to enhance the advertiser’s style and product. Using mostly natural light, a hallmark of the Scout ethos, both product and environmental portraiture was produced.






Easton Utilities wanted a campaign that featured strong, character-driven portraiture of its employees within their various work environments. Iconic sites around the company campus where used as backdrops for each group or person and natural light was preferred. I was charged with shooting each vignette and presented color and black and white versions of each to the client. I had a strong preference for the black and white, as I felt it enhanced each portrait, making them timeless and classic. Pictures were used in internal publications, on social media, in newspapers, and in advertising campaigns for the company.






1880 bank

1880 Bank wanted to create ads that showcased “real people” whom the bank has had strong associations with in the Dorchester County community. Believing that each customer develops a relationship with their banker, Choptank Communications developed ads where a loan officer or a banker would be holding a framed photo that showed a person or persons who they’d helped in some way. I was brought on to photograph the banker as well as the portrait that would later be inset into the frame. Ads were run in local publications and newspapers.






Black Pearl Cookbook

Vicky Mullaney is a woman on a mission- being a wonderful self-taught cook for her large and active family, she had recently moved from Virginia to Cambridge, MD with her husband. As an outdoor enthusiast and hunter, she had raised her family to believe that they could be good stewards of the environment, conscientious and caring people as well as hunters. She and her husband dreamed of having a private hunting lodge on the Eastern Shore where Vicky would be the hostess and chef to guests. As she began this endeavor, she wanted to produce a top-shelf cookbook that featured the recipes that guests and family loved and raved about as part of her expanding line of gifts that were available at the lodge. I was asked to photograph her delicious dishes for the book. The Black Pearl Cookbook is available on her website and at local shops.



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