Roxanne + Todd’s Wedding at The Oaks, St. Michaels, MD | 4.27.14

Roxanne and Todd are my friends as well as work colleagues as they’re two of the owners of Seasonal Flowers– a wedding florist shop that I LOVE to work with! Since we have this comfort level and familiarity with each other, there’s no other way to say how I felt to be asked to photograph their wedding but THRILLED and HONORED to be sharing this fabulous experience with them!

And so, as Roxanne counted down the days, so did I. As she got more and more excited about some new detail, some new idea, so did I. And when she put on her gown to become Todd’s bride and got a little teary, so did I. I knew what she and Todd and those closest to them had put into this day. And, I knew that it was going to be great!

And, guess what? I was! The Oaks, always a lovely venue, was a perfect place for their marriage. From custom-made games, to wreathed ceremony “doors” to the pretty garland that outlined the bridge handrails, nothing was left undone. And what fun for Todd- his favorite made-from-scratch donuts from Bay Country Bakery stood in for a wedding cake! I love how couples make even this detail their own!

As heartfelt toasts were made, as the scrumptious dinner was served, I watched Roxanne and Todd enjoy every moment.

And I’m wondering if that’s not the point- to savor the sweetest things life has to offer. For this couple, who live AND work together, there sure are going to be a lot of great opportunities!!

St. Michaels MD Wedding

Thanks Roxanne and Todd for doing me the honor of capturing the memories of your beautiful wedding day.

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