Judy + Courtney’s St. Michaels Wedding | 10.19.13

Judy and Courtney knew they’d found “the one” on their first date. And, that’s a good thing in more ways than one considering that that date included a sushi bill of $400, a consequence of “over-ordering”. I like to think they got so deep into talking to each other that they lost track of the “California Rolls”!! In any case, that one night led eventually to their wonderful wedding day.

It’s a good sign when you can’t decide between pictures, right? That’s how I felt choosing photos for this post. I liked so many and maybe at least some of that is because I loved working with Judy and Courtney ! They are a great couple- I know that’s said about a lot of couples but THEY REALLY ARE! Every minute, from the engagement shoot at the Maritime Museum to their wedding day was fun, sweet and serene. And when it rained on their wedding day- they just went with it! I don’t think anyone minded the sprinkles and it certainly didn’t dampen their excitement or their celebration.

Thanks for letting me share this special day with you guys. I was honored to be even a small part of your wedding experience.

St. Michaels MD Wedding
St. Michaels MD Wedding
St. Michaels MD Wedding
St. Michaels MD Wedding_0044

Venue: The Oaks Waterfront Inn

Flowers: Seasonal Flowers

Cake: Something Sweet

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