Jaime + Brian’s Wedding at The Oaks | 8.11.12

The answer is….because they just knew it was right. Jaime and Brian hit it off immediately. And they knew they were each other ‘s soul mate. You know when you complete each other’s sentences? When you sort of blend in all ways- personality, values- even what you find funny? That’s Jaime and Brian.

I went to Richmond to shoot their engagement pictures last fall. It was our first real chance to work together, to “explain” them through pictures. We met on Church Hill, one of the most charming and historic old Richmond neighborhoods. “How”, I wondered, “can I make them comfortable with me and my camera in such a short period of time?” Well, no problem with these two because as I soon realized, they are just so comfortable with each other, so easy going that any concerns I may have had were quickly and completely out of mind! And so, wonderful pictures happened with the city as backdrop and inspiration.

And so, time rolled on and soon it was their wedding day. I had looked forward to seeing them again especially since after Richmond, I felt I had two new friends. Wedding day impressions? Gorgeous, knock-out dress. Jaime smiling from ear to ear. Brian looking so sophisticated and debonaire. FOUR little turquoise boxes from Tiffany (yes, green with envy-me). Love and support all around them. Some clouds that eventually become a summer afternoon storm that force a change of location for the wedding ceremony. A brief aside here: you have to understand that we’ve seen this weather thing happen many times in the past and consequently seen tears, disappointment in very dramatic terms. Not Jaime. While I’m sure if she could have done so, she’d have whisked the clouds away- but as it was, she decided to move the ceremony to the covered dock at The Oaks with a determined “I just want to get married!” Cool and resolute and an attitude that all of us admired.

And so, she and Brian got married. I loved seeing all the happy faces as they said “I do”. After that, a great celebration, heartfelt toasts, many hugs, happy tears and love, love, love.

I am honored to call them my friends and if they got married again and again, I’d be there loving every minute.

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