Jessica + Daniel’s Wedding at The Oaks | 9.2.12








I don’t know why but I seem to be in a lucky zone these days because I keep being graced with wonderful brides! And, really wonderful groomsmen, families, the whole thing! I had looked forward to Jessie and Dan’s wedding, I think, especially because they were kind of local, being from Salisbury and because I had had a great first meeting with Jess and her mom, Debbie. Everything seemed to roll along between their booking me and their wedding day with not a hitch, not a problem to be seen. All our planning sessions purred along. Dare I hope for another great wedding? It had been so hot this summer, surely we’d at least have to contend with humidity, crazy storms or something, not to mention nerves at the very least?

But no- happy, sweet Jessie just exceeded all my wishes the ENTIRE day! From the moment I arrived at the bridal cottage at The Oaks, she, her mom, her bridesmaids were so cool, calm and plain giggly that nothing rocked their boat. Grandmother Betty came in- all smiles and love. Dad Randy came in to see his girl in her wedding finery- a precious, real moment, tears and hugs. No mother-daughter drama, just love and happy smiles from Debbie and Jess.

So at this point, I’m falling hard for this couple and this family, I admit! And truly, that’s the way the whole day went. Here’s what Jessie and Dan wrote on my Q&A- a little paper I asked them to fill out so I could get to know them better:

Question: When did you know that you’d found “the one”? Answer: (Jessie) ” Our first date, (Dan) “Way before the first date”…and that’s them, I think. They just “are”.

More thoughts: Why do I love dads whose first reaction at seeing their daughters in their wedding dress is to tear up? I just do! So sweet and I guess since I have two kids of my own, I can imagine how he feels at that VERY moment. I loved being there to see Randy ‘s first look at Jessie. You are right there with him at that moment and know that somewhere inside him he’s seeing his little girl at 4 or so, playing with her dolls and now look at her! I’m tearing up just writing this! And this feeling continued through Jessie and Dan’s day- this feeling of love and joy. From Randy’s toast in Italian that had us all laughing and crying, to her BFF and maid of honor Brittany’s toast that ended with her speaking their own special secret language that they made up when they were little girls, to…well, just about every moment was filled with emotion and love.

This is a truly special couple and I hope they’ll see OUR enjoyment of sharing this day with them in their pictures and know how much they gave to me and to Tom, too, on their wedding day. A heartfelt thank you!

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