Allison + Ryan’s Wedding | 7.21.12

Allison and Ryan knew they had each found “the one” when they couldn’t stay away from each other. Even if it was Ryan’s, (an accountant), busy season. Even it meant Allison had an extra hour of drive time to work. Of course, Allison’s gift of a signed Redskins player picture to Ryan for his birthday told him that this was a girl close to his heart. So, on a July day on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, in a little village called Royal Oak, they stood in front of their closest friends and family and became husband and wife. The Oaks was a perfect backdrop for their wedding, the long dock over the water quaint and lovely with its rows of white chairs highlighted by pots of beautiful flowers (by Seasonal Flowers) at their aisle-side edge. I was so touched that Allison and Ryan set aside a special moment in their ceremony to remember  her mother and his father, both of whom have passed away and obviously greatly missed.

A wonderful wedding!!

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