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Lisa + Trip’s St. Michaels Wedding | 5.26.13

It seems to me that Lisa and Trip’s life together is defined by two things- action and peace. Sort of opposites but I think of these two states as being in “balance”. The things they enjoy doing together so often are “action” things- hiking, swimming, bike riding. On the other hand, they like the peace...

Jen + Jeff’s Wedding at The Hyatt Chesapeake | 11.16.12

Jen, Jeff, Beau…. yes, Beau- their dog! It seems to me that Beau has been a very important “person” in their relationship. After all, when Jeff proposed, he tied the ring box to Beau’s collar and sent him to find Jen. When Jen realized that Beau was carrying precious cargo(!), Jeff got down on one...

Kaitlin + Brett’s Wedding | 10.8.11

It’s fitting that Kaitlin and Brett got married in the fall, especially October, since this season has figured so prominently in their lives together. And pumpkins, being the darling of fall, also make grand appearances in their engagement and marriage, too. I think Brett’s inspired idea to propose to Kaitlin by carving “Will You Marry...

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