Kaitlin + Brett’s Wedding | 10.8.11

It’s fitting that Kaitlin and Brett got married in the fall, especially October, since this season has figured so prominently in their lives together. And pumpkins, being the darling of fall, also make grand appearances in their engagement and marriage, too. I think Brett’s inspired idea to propose to Kaitlin by carving “Will You Marry Me?” into a pumpkin is so fun and romantic and I know that Kaitlin was thrilled and surprised when she saw it glowing in her yard in the October twilight. Then he was down on one knee with the ring…how cool is that? They took this theme into their wedding with baby pumpkin place cards, a “Just Married” pumpkin greeted guests arriving at the Talbot Country Club for the reception, pumpkins held flowers by Amy of Monteray Farms whose dramatic centerpieces were free-flowing and lovely. Anyway, you get the picture- fun, romantic, unique and original- that’s how I think of their wedding. I was hoping that Brett’s furry, tail-wagging, 60 lb.(oh my gosh!!) black lab puppy Bailey would make an appearance but I guess that would have been a bit risky- so it’s better to picture them doing what they love best- long runs together or just and relaxing at home on the couch with Bailey!

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