Jen + Jeff’s Wedding at The Hyatt Chesapeake | 11.16.12

Jen, Jeff, Beau…. yes, Beau- their dog! It seems to me that Beau has been a very important “person” in their relationship. After all, when Jeff proposed, he tied the ring box to Beau’s collar and sent him to find Jen. When Jen realized that Beau was carrying precious cargo(!), Jeff got down on one knee and, well, you know the rest! Beau was there from the start in a way, since it was Jen’s relationship with Beau- how she cared for him- that was one sweet thing that won Jeff’s heart. So Beau had a front row seat from the beginning and yes, he walked down the aisle at the Hyatt Chesapeake on their wedding day, too. Although he tried mightily not to yawn during the ceremony, he did find a comfortable spot to rest while Jen and Jeff “tied the knot”.

I love it when couples really make their wedding so personal, filling it with their family and friends and yes, even their pets. Somehow it all seems so perfect that they incorporate everything important to them into their day, even Mr. Beau!

Thanks so much, Jen and Jeff, for having Tom and me as a small part of your day. You wanted to have fun on your wedding day, wanted it to be unforgettable and as far as I’m concerned, you got your wish!

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