Kathryn + Michael’s St. Michaels Wedding at The Oaks | 9.15.12

I began to realize that Kathryn and Michael were something special when we met for their engagement pictures at the Castle, the iconic Smithsonian museum where we planned to make use of the lovely gardens behind the building for their photographs. After enjoying the gardens, Kathryn and Mike jumped at my suggestion that we run over to the Mall where I knew there was a classic carousel which I thought would be great place for pictures. At a little shop beside the ride, we bought red, white and blue “rocket” popsicles which they happily enjoyed as I clicked away. So when it became time to choose a picture for their “signature” print, the photo that would be displayed at their reception, did they choose the classic, romantic shots in the gardens? The photos of them framed by the fantastic architecture of the castle? Naw, you guessed didn’t you…they chose a picture of themselves- back to back- licking those yummy, sweet rocket pops!

Doesn’t this show a fun-loving, easygoing couple who don’t take themselves too seriously? I’m thinking it does, so when I thought about writing this little note, I thought about what I see as this great desire for adventure on their part that showed up in fun and exciting ways in their wedding decisions.

For instance, their honeymoon- they went to South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius. Not your usual choice, right? Exotic, romantic, exciting and maybe with just a hint of danger? (I’m thinking charging elephants, ok…) From here I jumped to their wedding colors- as described by Michael- “pachyderm-themed: grey, ivory, and (oh!) lavender”. While I’m on this exotic adventure theme when thinking of them, I switched to Michael’s proposal to Kathryn which took place on top of Old Rag Mountain in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. So by now I’ve really gotten it in my head that this is a couple who loves the unusual, challenging and unpredictable. Isn’t that just so cool?

It’s funny that with all this adventure theme I’ve conjured for them that their wedding day to me was so peaceful, personal and lovely. Kathryn was stunning and Michael handsome and debonair. Friends and family willingly came along for the ride on this journey and told stories of love and support- of lives joined and experienced.

I wish them the best, most wonderful journeys, both long and satisfying, and life stories that are woven together with love.

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