Paige + Matt’s Wedding in St. Michaels, MD | 5.31.14

“A Hodgepodge of Rustic Elegance”….that’s how Paige described her wedding theme to me. And so it was just that and so much more! I honestly have never seen so many signs, so many special touches as were at Paige and Matt’s wedding.  I love, love vintage chic and I’d say she really hit her goal. Everything was perfect, creative and well thought out- right down to their “Rockin’ Guest Book, an oak rocker for guests to actually autograph! How cute is that??

Even her wedding program was original, with the entire wedding party shown in silhouette in cute poses with their names and relationships to the couple noted. I thought it was a fun idea to try to mimic the program poses for one of the wedding party photos and, no surprise, everyone was up to the challenge. See if you think we did a good job of copying the card….!

Paige and Matt’s wedding was fun, pretty, detailed and unique. The one memory that stands out to me is the always-full dance floor. I see a lot of weddings, and I can tell you that I have rarely if ever seen a group of more enthusiastic dancers! Honestly, the floor was full the ENTIRE night! I’m sure many were sore the next day from some of the moves I saw.

The Oaks, St. Michaels, MD
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The Oaks, St. Michaels, MD wedding

Thanks for letting me be a small part of your special day, Paige and Matt. I wish you the best of everything!

Venue: The Oaks Waterfront Inn

Floral Design: Monteray Farms

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