{ Eve & Nick • September 24, 2011 • The Hyatt Chesapeake }

Eve and Nick are busy doctors. And, it’s true what we all see on tv- they really do work 24+ hours straight and deal with serious stuff. But, when it came to their wedding, love and fun were the only prescription!!

When I first met Eve, she was with her lovely mom Ellen. She was poised and elegant as she sat in my office and told me how she wanted her wedding to be all about love, flowers, family and to celebrate all of those things in a big way. Honestly, I know she and Nick are so pleased that this goal was so nicely accomplished- the Hyatt Chesapeake never looked prettier. The guests actually gasped when they entered the ballroom and were treated to lovely table settings, dramatic centerpieces and stunning lighting.

But before all of that could happen, there had to be a lot of planning as you all know. Enter Ellen, the helpful mom who I’m sure was indispensable to them both in organizing all the details. Even though their ceremony site changed at the last minute because of the wet weather, everyone rolled with it and as you can guess, all was lovely and beautiful.

When I think about it, there had to be one moment when they both knew they were the perfect ones for each other, right?? Maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that even after they have worked a 30-hour day, Nick still thinks Eve is beautiful. Maybe it’s that they love dancing alone in their apartment to their favorite music, just holding each other. Whatever “it” is, they’ve got it. Watching them on their wedding day, I was struck by how visible their love and affection is for each other. I could “feel” how much joy they have in each other so strongly that I couldn’t help but smile. They just make you feel good.

Floral design by Monteray Farms

Cake design by Julie Bakes

Wedding coordination by Corrin Savignano from The Hyatt Chesapeake

Melissa Grimes-Guy Photography | Eastern Shore Photographer | Full logo

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