Mary + Joe’s St. Michaels Wedding | 6.17.17

Spoiler Alert! There is absolutely NO objectivity in this post! In the interest of clarity:

  • I know this couple well
  • I am crazy about this couple
  • Their wedding was PERFECT!
  • They will live happily every after!

So, Mary and Joe- how do I tell you how honored I was to be your photographer/guest? I’ve given this a lot of thought over the time it’s taken to select and process these images from your wonderful day. The thing that’s “stuck” with me over these weeks has been how I felt looking at them, reliving the day as I worked to make them perfect for you- and one thing consistently stood out (queue violins!) LOVE! It’s true- when I think of you both, I think, love. How much seeing the love you have for each other makes me have faith in the goodness of the world. How being a part of the “Mary and Joe” fan club of friends and family makes me, well, happy. How two people who were truly meant for each other actually found each other. And how witnessing the respect and kindness that is the foundation your relationship reminds me of what’s really important in a marriage.

I love these things about your wedding day:

  • The incredible gifts you gave each other prior to the ceremony and how hard Mary tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to not cry and chance messing up her make-up when reading Joe’s notes telling her of your next big adventure!
  • A sonnet? Really? Yes, Joe, ever the romantic, read a Shakespearean sonnet to Mary during the ceremony.
  • The mothers, his and hers, trying not to cry at so many times during the day, and failing, as you can guess!
  • Such heartfelt vows, laced with humor, that it was hard to shoot through my own tears.
  • The entrance to the ballroom by the bride and groom, almost a “glide on a cloud”, capped off by a bow and a courtesy before your first dance- how sophisticated and cool was that?!
  • Dancing, and more dancing. I don’t think the dance floor was EVER empty the entire night!
  • Being there to share the entire day and night with you

Thanks, beyond words, for the privilege of giving you these photos that capture the story of your day. I hope they do it justice. Hugs to you both!

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