Melissa + Kyle’s Eastern Shore Wedding at the Tidewater Inn | 10.25.14

I have been lucky, lucky this year to do several weddings for people whom I know personally. That is an added treat- having known the bride or groom way before they fell in love and became a married lady or gentleman!! I guess what I mean is that it gives me a depth of familiarity to work from that I hope tells their story in a super meaningful manner. This was true with Melissa. It was so special to be a part of this wonderful time in her life, and, of course, her family’s, too. And meeting Kyle was great- his love for Melissa shines through every moment. I loved knowing that they met at The Tidewater Inn which was a big reason why they selected it as their wedding venue- many fun memories and a beautiful setting.

I have been so excited to show them this little peek inside their wedding photos and hope they will get a great idea of what’s to come when they see everything! Seeing the photos helps me relive all the special moments from October 25th- Melissa’s lovely dress, the smiles from her mom Lise and sister Allison as they all got into their wedding finery. Sweet moments with Melissa and her veil in the bridal suite, her Dad John’s socks with their heartfelt message. A ceremony in the Gold Room Garden Room with its fall-inspired decorations, a lovely roaring fireplace and brilliant aisle-lining lanterns. The tears and the looks Melissa and Kyle gave each other as they said their vows. Rock, paper, scissors to see who went first!

As the day moved along, and the reception featuring great variety food and a full dance floor was in full swing, they and their guests celebrated into the night. I did get Melissa and Kyle outside for a few “town” shots that I hope they’ll love. Oh and can’t finish without mentioning the fun nod to Halloween- masks and silly glasses and wax teeth were handed out later in the evening and really had the guests hamming it up!

Eastern Shore Wedding
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I am so happy to send this little story of their day to them! Thanks so much for being the best and easiest going couple to work with. I loved every minute of it! 

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