Kristin + Jason’s Wedding | 10.23.11

When I think of Kristin and Jason, I think action. It seems to be such a defining thing in their lives- he loves mountain biking, she’s a swimmer and together they’re learning to paddleboard…well you understand, they don’t stay put in one place too long. So it’s not surprising that two such active people should discover to their joy, that they “just fit”. After getting engaged in Atlantic City, they chose The Oaks in Royal Oak, MD as their wedding site. Kristin’s dress was fabulous (you may remember that I’m on a roll with great wedding gowns this fall!) and Jason was so debonair in his tux that when she walked down the dock at the Inn, I had to remember to be their photographer since all I wanted to do was just look at her on her dad’s arm. Everywhere I turned, I saw smiles.

The whole experience was so lovely and fun and so relaxed. I know Kristin wanted it to be that way and I think she got her wish. I’m just thinking about their honeymoon and wondering if they actually went paddleboarding in Costa Rica?!!

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