A Plate of Gourmet Music and a Bottle of Fine Friends

ok, so who let me in a Gourmet Club?? Someone was very kind and invited me to join, which I’ve done, and here I was hosting a dinner last night for 16!! Theme? Food-inspired music…you select your dish based on a song you love, or not!! So this group of lovely ladies arrived, dishes in hand, after making Jambalaya, and apple pie and a whole menu of yummy recipes!! With husband, dog and cat banished to the “dude room”, we dined on several courses, consumed 8 bottles of wine and generally had a great time. Here’s a list of our inspiration songs:

Jambalaya by Hank Williams
The Lemon Song by Led Zep
Bread and Butter by The Newbeats
The Onion Song by Marvin Gaye
Poke Salad Annie by Elvis, not Tony Joe White
Anybody Want to Buy my Cabbage by Barrelhouse Blues and Boogie
Mashed Potato USA by James Brown
American Pie by Don McClean
Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett
Dixie Chicken by Little Feat
Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones
I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner(yes this is on iTunes!)
Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles
Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze
Vegetable by Radiohead

As you see, this is a wild, fun group!! Thanks to Mary Kay for being my co-hostess with the mostest!! Ugh, we have wine left over- shouldn’t we do something about that???!!!

Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Week! Keep Crossing your Fingers for Warm Weather!!!


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