Color of the Year-Spring is on My Mind

The folks at Pantone, the company that provides color standards for the design industry, have chosen their color of the year- Honeysuckle PInk-and that’s making me think about spring…and also, pink honeysuckle which I have none of and have not seen before. Evidently, Wild Japanese Honeysuckles are yellow and white but the “preferred” varieties are those with coral-pink hues. Who knew?
So what does this mean to me? It means that I can think about color combinations I like that include this shade of pink- dark gray, chocolate brown(you all know how much I love chocolate brown!!), also taupe, off-white and green. Don’t these sound fabulous?? I am inspired to find these combinations in nature, as I look forward to Spring.And speaking of spring, here are some things I’m looking forward to – after all it’s only 20 days away!!

the smell of the earth after a rain
the first robin
the first daffodil
the color green
open windows
flip flops
long days
summer vegetables (ok it’s summer, not spring, I know…)
dylan being home from school
no coats!!
warm, sunny afternoons
my dog Sailor dozing in the sun at the nearest open door

All this from one look at Honeysuckle Pink…

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