Bethany + Chuck’s Wedding | 7.18.09

To say Bethany and Chuck had a lovely, meaning-filled wedding is an understatement in my eyes. Surrounded by family and friends, they exchanged vows at the lovely, old Episcopal Church on the main street in St. Michaels, Christ Church. Not only did they enjoy the local clergy but they brought their own priest from Washington’s St. Luke’s with them, Virginia Brown-Nolan. I thought it was a lovely service, enhanced by the kind words of Rev. Brown-Nolan. When it came time for “the peace” I have never seen such warm and loving greetings that all present gave each other. After “jumping the broom” Bethany and Chuck were off by horse-drawn carriage to The Inn and Perry Cabin for cocktails and their celebration. I was so moved by the special presentations during their reception, as  Chuck and his fraternity brothers sang a song together, arms tightly around each others backs. This was followed by Bethany, who was serenaded by her sorority sisters, surrounded by their linked hands. After that, Chuck’s brother Chris and his wife shared a solo dance in celebration of his safe return from Afghanistan.  All in all, Bethany and Chuck are one of my favorite couples and I look forward to keeping in touch with them as they make their move to points north!

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